I *may* have a new home

So much has happened in the months that have passed since my last proper blog post.  I do sincerely apologise for the huge gap in my blogging but in all honestly ‘life’ simply took over.

A dear relative’s health issues became a priority for my family. My beloved Uncle (who has been more like a grandfather to me over the years) has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and it has been quite a lot for my family to come to terms with. Sadly it is progressing at quite a pace and we are losing the man we once knew. But no matter how much his memory fails him, we still all love him dearly and we make sure he feels and knows that daily. We are united as a team/ family and are sharing in his care. My parents have been truly amazing!  xxx

A long on /off relationship finally broke down and  so I ended up single once more and that also took it’s toll on me emotionally and of course the constant search for a new home took up a huge amount of my time/ energy and it  interrupted my sleep and my day-to-day functioning
(During all of this I also had an odd online stalker/ harassment issue, which was luckily dealt with promptly by the police….. but was unsettling none the less……. especially for my daughter)

………and of course I was still home educating my daughter, working to pay bills and running this place on my own..hence  the severe lack of blogging…..Oops!

I have been  gardening with far less motivation than is normal for me. I simply couldn’t and cannot  focus on growing as much food as I usually do (seeing as I thought I wouldn’t be here to harvest a lot of it) and I couldn’t put my goats in kid last Autumn either, as I was in limbo about when they would be moving to a new place ( If I could even find any land!) and I truly didn’t want to stress them and move them when they were heavily pregnant. So all that went on hold too :(

There was so much turmoil and a foreboding unsettling uncertainty with my housing issue and to a degree it still continues…and in all honesty I am tired of it now.

However, some positive news,  I was approached a week or so ago by a lady who had seen my advert on the Preloved website.  It was an advert about me looking for a new home and it looks increasingly promising that she may indeed have something suitable. Fingers crossed!!!
I have sent in references as requested but am just awaiting my landlord’s one to be written > *sigh < despite several reminders to get it to me asap ….He is reluctant to see me leave here before he sells up, so he is dragging his heels a bit with the reference, which is rather upsetting not to mention frustrating, as I have been a very good tenant over the last 6 yrs….. and his go slow attitude could mean we lose this new tenancy offer!

Anyway….I am keeping everything crossed that all goes well eventually, as the new place is, rather wonderfully, a longterm tenancy!!…. whoop!!! ….. and it is  only 4 miles from here, which means H and I will have a sense of permanency and belonging and we can really get into growing more fruit and perennials, all the while knowing that we will be around to see them mature and bear fruit. It also means I can invest more into the permaculture way of life both financially with things like a polytunnel / plants and with energy/ ideas etc!

On a personal front I have a rather wonderful new man in my life (yes it surprised me too!) We both  wish to keep things very private but I am no longer a single woman and am rather liking that fact!

Well enough for now.. more updates soon .. I promise.


A normal quiet night at home by the fire xxx


I will leave you with a recent photo or two.



 Much love and bright blessings from all at Riverside xxxx




On the move……( I am still looking for a new home)

On the move......(  I am still looking for a new home)

My new driving pair, Crystal and Bunny, on the move to their winter grazing.
I am still looking for a basic rental property, so that I can continue with my very simple country life,growing my own food, milking my goats and raising my livestock.
Please get in contact if you know of anywhere in East Lincs UK that has a small basic cottage ( unmodernised is good!) and a plot of land suitable for these two and my dairy goats and poultry .
I have excellent references.
Thank you… x

Wanted land and small cottage to rent in rural Lincolnshire.

Wanted land and small cottage to rent in rural Lincolnshire.

Due to a change in my landlord’s circumstances, it seems that my current property may be sold, so I am looking for a new place to call home.  I have had so many happy times here  and have achieved so much…but maybe it is time for pastures new….I have excellent references from landlords and landowners and I am more than  willing to do work on a property to fix it up and make it habitable and will happily  tidy gardens and fence land etc.   I like simple living so I do not need modern facilities like fitted kitchens or central heating. Please contact me if you have anything that may be suitable in and around the Legbourne, Lincs area ..up to a 25 mile radius preferred  but anything considered in the county.. Thank you xxx

These energy companies don’t support fracking.

These energy companies don’t support fracking.

Sign up  to an energy supplier that does NOT support fracking!   Click and see the options..some have offers when you switch companies and you don’t need a meter reading or an account number..it takes just 3 mins! 

You have the power to


The cupboard was bare…

Ma Larkin:

Food for thought!

Originally posted on A Life Less Simple:

I’m sure that to almost all reading this self-sufficiency and gardening are subjects close to your heart. It’s something I am always striving towards in any small way I can and am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Home grown courgettes; possibly the only vegetable that is producing anything in my garden. August 2013

Home grown courgettes; possibly the only vegetable that is producing anything in my garden. August 2013

On Wednesday I found out that ‘the country’s cupboard was bare’ – if all of the harvest grown in Britain was stored and started to be eaten from January 1st we would have run out on Wednesday meaning the UK has to import over a third of the food we need, an increase on the amount of food that we had to import 1991 according to the NFU*

As the NFU has worked out these figures I don’t think it will include freshly picked, home grown, back garden food which shows that even so long…

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Preparing for Winter..during a summer heatwave..oh yes!

Yes we are currently enjoying scorching temperatures here in the UK. ..and how lovely it is too!  But that doesn’t mean we can forget that Winter creeps up on us silently and before we know it we are wearing our woolly jumpers  and lugging firewood inside again.

So today I have been preparing for Autumn and Winter by harvesting garlic and onions to store for later in the year and by drying even MORE herbs to put by for the colder months.


Two types of mint and oregano go into the dehydrator today.

I shall be drying blackcurrants, peas, sliced onion, more nettle tops, clover flowers, elderberries, tomatoes, sage ..and lots more. Having just been gifted 30 large sweet jars from our local sweet shop, I now have plenty of dry storage space for them all.


Preparing my homegrown garlic for plaiting and storing

Garlic will be dried off in the sun and then plaited and hung up . I have strung some onions already.. They are hanging in the cottage lean-to. All the small loose ones will get used first or sliced and dehydrated,  to add to soups and stews in Winter. This year my onion harvest was poor compared to last year, so I may end up having to buy some in! I use a lot of onions.

Although I do still have perennial onions in the ground so all is not lost.


The cottage kitchen smells divine..mint and oregano scent the rooms!

I shall be lifting some of the wild horseradish that grows on the riverbank here and making horseradish sauce too. I love the hot spiciness of horseradish. Surplus can be frozen, dehydrated or stored in boxes of dry sand over winter. Here are a few more ways to use and store this pungent root.


Wild horseradish

So still lots to do…and although I am enjoying the sunshine, my mind is always thinking about the leaner months ahead  x