Time to say goodbye xxx

Our very last night sleeping at Riverside. End of an era… This place has been a HUGE part of my life..of our life… H has grown up here. I have lived as a single woman..paying my way.. working, earning… and home educating…as well as smallholding….I truly got to live the life I enjoy. A simple life.. yet at times a very hard one too..but worth it…We have so many wonderful memories (and photos) of our life here..


So many dreams became reality…The productive gardens we grew… The bounty of food it provided us…. The wildlife that we got to know and love…. Our beloved hedgiehoggies..The otters, kingfishers, badgers and more….


Our animals and their babies have flourished here…..hens and chicks.. goats and kids.. ducks and ducklings… The rescues and rehab critters who spent time with us have been released here…


It has truly been a blessing to be able to reside here and to live so close to nature.. and we appreciated every minute…. every minute…


It may have been a very humble home.. simple. tiny.. and not to everyone’s taste… but we loved it..with all our heart… we never wanted to leave..

but it is time to move on…


Goodbye our beloved Riverside.. Don’t forget us..We will always love you..


Thank you for everything xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

My new project……..Nestledown.


It will soon be time to leave our beloved Riverside. ……after almost 8 happy years here.  We  have been unfortunate in not being able to find a longterm rental property that will allow us to keep our rescue dogs or any livestock….and we simply cannot part with them…..So we came up with a plan in order that we could all stay together and carry on our permaculture/ low impact living journey.


I am not saying it will be easy..far from it.. there are many struggles ahead…. but we will at least be facing them together…and living lightly on the earth whilst we find our way….. Please read more about our planned low impact off grid future via this link Nestledown.. our new home


Thank you! x