Awoke to a sprinkling of snow and birdsong

Blue day

A chilly, blue morning awaited me when I awoke. Brightened only by the glorious sound of birdsong. Snow, frost, ice and the sad news that my Father’s brother, my Uncle Trevor, is very poorly indeed. He is on life support in hospital at the moment. Understandably Dad is very upset. It is his only brother. His only remaining family, apart from his children.

As I went about my early morning routine, feeding the livestock, topping up their hay racks and refilling water buckets, whilst chatting to them all, as I always do, I took time to stop and look up at the sky and appreciate the actual blessing of life itself. There is joy to be had in the simple things we see every day. In the sky, the trees, the sounds of nature, the air that we breathe….. We tend to take it all for granted don’t we and yet it can so swiftly be taken away from us.
So wherever you are today, remember to stop, just for a second and look at the world around you and count your blessings..for we are only visitors here on this Earth, every day is a gift. We must never forget that xx

Sadly Uncle Trevor died today 😦 xxx


5 comments on “Awoke to a sprinkling of snow and birdsong

  1. Grandma says:

    Lovely blog that captures you and yours perfectly

  2. You speak from the heart.

  3. compostwoman says:

    Am so sorry that Uncle Trevor died 😦 My condolences 😦

  4. pattigail says:

    Such good advice and so true. So sorry about your uncle.

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