Dealing with ‘waste’.

Dealing with 'waste'.

I have three tubs in the kitchen.
One for paper waste, one for compost-able waste, one for eggshells.
Vegetable garden trimmings/ prunings and weeds go to the goats and hens, tea bags, coffee grounds, paper waste, garlic and onion skins, cooking peelings and small amounts of plain brown cardboard ( torn up) all head to the compost bins, to join the leaves, grass, animal’s bedding and manure and other organic matter there.
Some of the waste paper also gets used to light my woodstove each morning.
Empty egg shells get baked and ground down and added to the hen feeder.
I keep a bucket outside the back door that I fill up with waste to carry to the compost bins, once full and I keep smaller tubs indoors to store the separate waste until they are full and need to be dealt with. Everything that can be composted gets composted.There is very little waste here.
If only shop bought produce didn’t come in so much packaging, then waste, on the whole could be reduced even further. We need to consciously think about the amount of rubbish we produce and try to reduce it.
I know I still have room for improvement!


2 comments on “Dealing with ‘waste’.

  1. pattigail says:

    I am curious about your eggshells. I don’t do that. I just put them in the compost…could you say abitmore about it? Thanks.

  2. Ma Larkin says:

    I simply bake the egg shells dry..this also sterilises them…. and then I crush them up to a fine texture with a pestle and mortar and add this to my hen’s feed.It gives them extra calcium and ensures you get nice thick shelled eggs..Saves buying poultry oyster shell or commercial feed with it already added. I have done this for years and I very rarely get soft shelled eggs. My hens look happy and healthy and it is a great way to recycle egg shells.

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