Early mornings

I wrote a Facebook status the other day and I got a lot of responses by inbox message about favourite early morning memories and routines and how it is such a special time of day .


Here it is : “Being outside when the birds are just waking from their slumber and the sky is changing out of its night time clothes. It’s shroud lifted slowly as if teasing me with ever increasing light. The short lived delicate stillness as a new day begins. Before the sound of people and cars pollute the air. I stand and just absorb that time . Allowing it to soak into my being as the dawn chorus hails a new day. A precious time.

Back indoors to light a fire. And gradually the hustle and bustle of human life begins.”

What is your favourite time of day and why?


2 comments on “Early mornings

  1. I love sunset at the farm (the golden hour), since when its left up to me, I sleep through sunrise! I’m a night owl!

    • Ma Larkin says:

      I love my sleep but if I am out before dawn then I really enjoy the peace and the feeling of isolation. The lack of human noise. Sunsets are beautiful too.

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