We have goat kids!!..at last!

Tansy gave birth to two healthy kids this morning. One of each. We have named the female Heather, after the pink heather that is in full flower just yards from the goat shed right now. Here are some photos.









Mum has a much needed drink after the event. Warm water with a little molasses. So proud of her .


6 comments on “We have goat kids!!..at last!

  1. patriciabull says:

    well done tansy your a clever mummy xxxx

  2. margyc5850 says:

    aahh how gorgeous are they? well done tansy. what a lovely springtime H and you will have watching them grow – so happy for you all xx

  3. Sara Jones says:

    Woo hoo, well done Tansy and congrats to Granny Naomi!!! xxx

  4. Eileen says:

    Wonderful! I’ve been checking everyday! Amazing, 2 of them! Mummy goat must be pooped lol x

  5. Anne Wilson says:

    They are beautiful, well done Tansey.

  6. dappled days says:

    So sweet ❤
    Well done Tansy xx
    I love the name Heather 🙂 I had a dog with that name and she was one of the most beautiful natured beings ever.

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