Sun rays and doggy days….

I think this photo say it all.


Yay!… Sun!!


We had some much needed sunshine today..and the dogs made the most of it and had a fabulous time running and playing in the field.

Tag my whippet truly loves to run. Chuggie my little liver-shunt pug cross, went investigating in the long grass and Peaches our new little rescue dog had some proper muddy fun, acting like a real part of the pack. She has gone from being a timid quivering girl to a bouncy confident dog in no time at all and today gave her the opportunity to really run and play.

It has been great to see the transformation.


Tag my whippet just loves to run!


Chuggie Chugster surveys his estate


Peaches enjoying the sun on her ears


Excellent recall.. Tag is such a good boy.


Happy Peaches




Her tongue hangs out a lot . Bless her.



Peaches can run!


A shaft of sunlight lit up a dusting of chaff, as we scooped into a feed bucket for the ponies and it floated and sparkled like glitter in the feed room.


….and we found sunny yellow lesser celandines, lifting their golden faces up to the sun,

Imageand the ponies seem much happier now the rain has stopped although NOTHING stops them eating 😉



Ponies enjoying the sun on their backs.

All in all it has been a wonderful day 🙂




7 comments on “Sun rays and doggy days….

  1. Nikki Wall says:

    We’ve had a little sunshine here, but could still do with some more drifting over from Lincs! A bit of warmth wouldn’t go amiss too 😉

  2. Neil says:

    I have been laid up this week with a bacterial respiratory infection (only I don’t think it is…it’s been going on for weeks now….but thats another story) and have been wiped out generally but am enjoying your blogs and your site. Lovely to hear about your dogs having such a good time after such a long bleak winter, Peaches is a real cutie, is there a hint of Westie DNA in her mix somewhere?

    • Ma Larkin says:

      Hi again..So glad you are enjoying my random wafflings and photos on here .. Hope you recover soon! Peaches is supposed to be a Yorkie cross Chuhuahua..a Chorkie haha… but I am not 100% how accurate this is.. Not that it matters, she is family now ❤

  3. Mama Syder says:

    No sunshine for us here in Essex yet 😦
    Lovely photos, Cant wait till it makes its way to us x

  4. sophiecussen says:

    Lovely photos. Sun does seem to make everything just that little extra special.

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