This Earth.

ImageThe warmth of the sun,

Touching my skin,

Air is heavy with blossom,

A joy to breath in.

Mist rising from dewdrops,

Damp earth’s woody scent,

Crystal droplets on foliage,

Each stem gently bent.

From silence, life wakens,

A chorus for all,

Then settles around us,

Nature’s alarm call.

Haze rises up slowly,

To reveal a new day,

Captured only for seconds,

For it all fades away.

Then gently it slumbers,

To a different sound,

Of dark nights and wonders,

As we go to ground.

Fear not, it is beckoned,

To start every day,

Forever and ever,

It is always this way.

Don’t spoil it,

Don’t break it,

This treasure, alone,

It’s truly amazing,

That Earth is our home.

A short poem by Naomi Lever x


2 comments on “This Earth.

  1. patriciabull says:

    wow that is such a beautiful poem naomi x

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