Being grateful…

I aim to find something to be grateful for every single day…

Today I am grateful for sunshine, especially as at 7 am this morning we had snow!


I am grateful for healthy, happy, lively, ever so bouncy goat kids. They make me smile with their prancing and leaping.


I am so grateful for all the times that I see our local barn owl, hunting the paddocks, my garden and along the river here, and I am especially grateful that today I managed to get a few photos of him/her, albeit fuzzy ones.  Sorry for the poor quality but I do not have a telescopic lens.


I am grateful that my fabulous Mum has lent me her camera, after my one decided to die two days ago. Thanks Mum!


I am grateful to share my life with my lovely dogs, cats and other animals and to be able to live so close to a nature reserve, where I get to see all manner of wildlife..


I am grateful for my amazing family, my three wonderful children and for my kind and compassionate friends.


SO MUCH to be grateful for!


Can you spot the barn owl?

What are you grateful for today?


One comment on “Being grateful…

  1. I am grateful for wonderful women like you that give us all of us inspiration and hope that living a simple yet oh so meaningful life is within reach of us all no matter where we live!

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