Homemade vanilla goat’s milk ice cream.

This is a recipe for a very easy basic custard style vanilla ice cream.

I made it using my own goat’s milk and my goose eggs.


2 pints of  fresh goat’s milk

2 vanilla pods

4 freshly laid hen egg yolks or 2 fresh goose egg yolks

4 oz caster sugar ( You could use honey)  Adjust amount depending on how sweet you like your ice- cream.

3 level tsp Cornflour


Heat the goat’s milk and the contents of the scraped out insides of the vanilla pods on the hob until  at simmering point. Do it slowly over a low heat. But do not boil.

Whisk egg yolks, cornflour and sugar together for a couple of minutes or so until sugar is almost dissolved.

When the vanilla infused milk starts to come to simmering point, take it off the stove and pour it in with the egg and sugar mixture, in a heatproof bowl ….and whisk continually, then return to  the pan and stir over low heat with a wooden spoon until thickened.

Allow to cool completely..Do not eat yet!  😉

After it’s cooled down, you’re ready to make ice cream!

Tip the custard-like mix into the frozen base of an ice cream maker. I got a basic Kenwood one from Freegle. You simply freeze the special double walled bowl overnight and the paddle sits on top of it  to stir your mix as it freezes. ….or failing that tip the mix into a tupperware tub and pop in the freezer.

A machine will stir the mixture as it freezes, saving you the work… but if you are doing it manually you will need to keep whisking the mix as it freezes..so check the freezer every 15 mins or so and whisk/stir thoroughly and then pop back in to freeze again.  Repeat for as long as it takes to get an ice cream consistency .

This mixing keeps the ice crystals small and allows the ice cream to be creamy rather than like sorbet..As it gets stiffer you may need to use a fork rather than a wire whisk.

Once frozen ..simply eat and enjoy!

This makes a gorgeous pale golden ice cream with tiny flecks of vanilla seeds in. Delicious and so easy!



2 comments on “Homemade vanilla goat’s milk ice cream.

  1. Anne Wilson says:

    We also make our own ice cream, mainly because we always seem to have far too many eggs, we don’t have an ice cream maker so have to depend on the freezer for the whole job but it is so worth while. Strangely enough we would never have bought ice cream, just not something that we had an urge for, but once you have made your own you keep on doing it, not too good for the figure though.

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