Quail. Wonder birds!

I have been breeding Coturnix quail for a little while now and i seem to have stumbled upon a strain that are particularly productive egg layers. In fact they started laying at just 6 weeks old and have barely stopped since.

So far, in just over a year, the females have only taken three weeks off from laying eggs consistently, (during their moult and the worst of the Winter weather) and they are all now back in lay again and producing more eggs than ever.


I have also noticed that now they are on their second season of laying,  their eggs are so much bigger.

Today I collected two days worth of eggs ( as I forgot to collect them yesterday) and in all I gathered 52 eggs! Impressive.


I have an incubator full of quail eggs too.  So fingers crossed more chicks soon.

I shall be buying in a new male or two this season to bring in fresh blood to this line.


I occasionally have fertile quail eggs for sale, so get in touch if you are interested in buying any.

Quail are flighty birds. Easily flustered and panicked. They require small mesh wire on their run and will not roost or put themselves to bed like hens do. They are also adept at escaping and will fly away if they manage to get out of their house and run.

A good way to keep them is in an aviary, preferably with double doors, an inner and outer one …but they can be kept in a coop.

You just have to be very aware of their ability to escape, especially when entering the run to feed and water them or when cleaning out their housing.

I put all mine in a large rabbit cage whilst I clean out their run. It is time consuming, catching them and transferring them all, one by one, but far easier than chasing a flying quail around my garden with a net!  I should know, I have done both! 🙂


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