Through the archway……Ivor appears.

Tonight, as I was returning from feeding the goats their evening meal, I stood at the entrance to the archway that divides my garden from the goat sheds..and I took a double take, as it looked like a very tall man was standing beside my pond. The ivy clad remains of a dead tree appears to have taken on human form.

I pass this tree stump every day, many, many times and yet tonight is the only time that the human shape has made itself known to me.

I rather like it!

I have included a couple of photos below to allow you to see if you can see him too?

To me it appears to be male and I have named him Ivor.


He stands beside the pond, guarding the moorhens nest?


He is welcome here at Riverside  xxx


2 comments on “Through the archway……Ivor appears.

  1. ioconnor says:

    Interesting. Why would you name it after me? Have we met before? I do live in Riverside county.

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