Transitions and a cottage full of furries and not so furries.

As many of you may be aware I am growing out the remains of my hair dye and allowing my grey/silver to finally grow through. I am 45 and have been dying my hair for over a decade. It has been 9 months with no dye so far and a transitional time in many ways.  Not only are my roots growing out but I am growing as a person. I have the confidence to love myself just the way I am, dye or no dye.


9 months no hair dye..and the grey really shows!

I am still encountering some negative comments about the way my hair looks. About the fact that I am not ‘old’ yet and should dye it a bit longer as I am too young to go grey.  But I am taking it all on the chin and smiling.

I am HAPPY with my hair just the way it is. I am happy with my life just the way it is. I am happy being me, grey hairs an’ all..and for me that is a major milestone, having spent a good chunk of my life trying hard to be something I am not and not particularly liking how I looked. Even when I worked hard at my appearance, I still spent far too much time worrying about my weight, clothes, hair, height etc . ..but I have finally let go and become confident enough to just be!

I see my grey hair as a visual sign of all the wisdom and experience I have gained over the years and I am proud to show them!  🙂

On another note, as you may know I have quite a menagerie of my own here at Riverside and I often look after dogs for friends and family when they go away on holiday or on business. I currently have a beautiful Golden Retriever, Charlie, staying here with me,  and my son’s Jack Russell pup, Max, is here most days whilst he is at work too! So this tiny cottage is currently housing 5 dogs of varying sizes, my two cats and H’s collection of invertebrates and small furry critters. Haha!… It is positively bursting at the seams…and yet all is quiet and settled and life still has a gentle peaceful feel about it..


My eldest sons German Pointer, Chester, spends odd days here when Ben or his fiancée have to work long shifts.


. ….and despite this influx of non-resident dogs into my own dog’s territory, they all get along just fine.


My own dogs often come along with me when I do one of my gardening jobs and they spend the day at my parents house whilst I work, as their cottage is opposite the garden I look after. My dogs (and quite often a few extra ones too), spend the day with my parents dogs, Benji the dachshund and Lila the whippet.  All these dogs get along. There is no aggression, dominance or jealousy and I love it!

I think it is rather special that they all like one another!

Benji and Lila have stayed here at Riverside a few times and even get along with my cats which astounded my mum as Benji was not a cat lover at all!

Lola my sphynx cat  ignores visiting dogs totally. She is totally unfazed by extra woofers sniffing her and she simply donks them on the nose with her rubbery paw if they get too pushy,  and  then she goes about life as normal.

Aurora my odd eyed cat is slightly more aloof and will hide in my bedroom for one day until she has checked out the visiting dog from a distance but even she soon gets used to new animals in the cottage.  There is no cat chasing, no spitting or hissing..nothing.. xx

We could learn a lot from the way these dogs and cats accept one another’s differences I think.




12 comments on “Transitions and a cottage full of furries and not so furries.

  1. Guy Lambert says:

    If you are ever judged because of your hair the judge is truly warped. There is an inner beauty about you and your life that is very lovely.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Neil Wraight says:

    I agree we could all learn from the dogs……..but maybe they all get along because you have created a calming atmosphere within your and their environment. Dogs, as we all know, pick up the vibes from their owners, good or bad. Agressive behaviour is learnt behaviour either through their owners or through survival instincts. Great pics of the dogs and cats asleep!.
    As for the grey hair….well, just dismiss all negative comments because you are beautiful…the colour of your hair is utterly of no consequence………….you would look pretty cool if you had a Sinead O’Connor and shaved it off as well.! (Not suggesting you do lol)

    • Ma Larkin says:

      This place is rather special. The wildlife here is diverse…with many of the species becoming incredibly tame and trusting. All the other animals that live here are happy and enjoying life, together. Whatever it is, I feel blessed to be part of it x

  3. dawny says:

    lovely lovely xx

  4. Adrian Corson says:

    A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, Naomi, hair colour matters not a jot…:)

  5. Caterina B says:

    That is quite a collection of doggies! And…it’s wonderful that they all get along. I can see that you love dogs. I do, too. Right now I have two darling Westies. Hubby has applied to a dog rescue place to adopt a Labrador. We have almost always had a Lab but our last one passed away two years ago. It’s kind of strange to not have any big dogs. We are ready for another one.

    • Ma Larkin says:

      Yes quite a collection, especially when my visiting dogs come to stay.. although I only own three myself. I would happily give a home to more if I could . Good luck with your new dog! 🙂 x

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