Quail hatch day..

Quail hatch day..

Quail hatch day


4 comments on “Quail hatch day..

  1. Anne Wilson says:

    What % hatch did you get and what incubator do you use? My next quail are due on the 19th, I’m hoping for a better hatch than last time which was only 50%

    • Ma Larkin says:

      This time we have almost 80% hatch rate ..but we had far lower hatch rates when we used to keep the humidity up by adding water to the reservoir in the ‘bator..Now we leave the incubator dry and we seem to get better results. It is fairly early in the season and fertility rises as the weather warms up so we hope for even better results with the next setting of eggs..but first we have some duck eggs we have been gifted to try out.. so we are going to incubate them to see whether any are fertile 🙂

      • Anne Wilson says:

        Thanks for that, our humidity is 45% without adding water, not much I can do to reduce it as the incubator is in the kitchen and the range is on most of the time so the driest room in the house.

  2. […] we hatched our quail eggs in the incubator a few weeks ago.  You can see the newly hatched chicks here… and you can see the latest photos of them that I took today when I moved them to a larger brooder […]

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