Thank you xx

To those of you who have kindly made paypal donations via the Donate button on my blog. (You know who you are) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Current donations are being saved to be put towards the purchase of a second hand digital camera, (My one has died and is beyond repair *sob ) so hopefully I can give back this borrowed one soon and I will be able to take lots more photos to share with you all..

Any further donations made after the camera purchase will be used to buy more native trees, fruit trees and other edible perennials etc  to plant here in my little forest garden and they will also buy more native wildflower seeds to scatter on my walks along the lanes here and wherever I travel.

I will pay it forward x

Thank you again xxx


I have been kindly gifted a digital camera today by someone who has upgraded and offered me their old one.. Hurray!

So this is just to let you know that any donations that were made towards the cost of  buying a camera will now be used towards the purchase of more trees and to buy more wildflower seeds to spread around the countryside.

I hope that is a satisfactory arrangement.

I will take photos of the baby trees as I take delivery of them and plant them and I will add the pics here.

Your contribution will be part of a mini permaculture food forest and ‘your’ trees will be here for future generations to enjoy xxx

Thank you all for your kindness xxxxxxxx


6 comments on “Thank you xx

  1. Ma Larkin says:

    I am truly blessed to know you all xxx

  2. woukd a bank note be acceptable? Im not a paypal tekkie. Haven’t a clue LOL, Same as before. B

  3. not worried. Just haven’t a clue re click & pay stuff LOL. I only know pics of Bees, Goats, Daffy, & other critters. Thats worth a lot to my visual pleasure. You gotta have a camera.

  4. couldn’t live without the pics. So pleased u have a new gift camera.

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