New life..Seeds and chicks and long awaited goat kids.

As you  may know, I am currently on tenterhooks awaiting the birth of Marigold’s kid/kids. No show as of yet!… but I am checking her twice during the night now and I keep expecting to find her with a kid or two at foot when I go out to do the morning feed rounds. Will add pics here when the event happens! But kids are not the only new life here at Riverside. We have an abundance of new life here at the moment.. seeds are germinating, plants are growing, eggs are hatching.  I love this time of year. Here are a few photos to capture some of the life bursting forth here right now. xx




The proud mum!


Seedlings and plants growing!



Vibrant pink growth on the baby Tree Spinach plants.



and an unexploded Marigold

ImageI am SO blessed to be able to grow my own food, rear my own livestock, encourage wildlife to live here and nurture nature.

I cherish every day that I get to live here xx


2 comments on “New life..Seeds and chicks and long awaited goat kids.

  1. when its a guinea fowl?

  2. enfitzge says:

    Hi Ma Larkin, that goat of yours has been on my mind, I hope all goes well with the baby or babies. I envy you your lovely holding and all the animals, the ponies are delightful…..its my dream to have a similar lifestyle in a few years when I clear the mortgage !!! Keep up the good work.

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