When is a duckling not a duckling?

….when it’s a keet /chick or course!! Well that was the answer to our conundrum this morning. We set some ‘duck eggs’ in the incubator a while ago. They were gifted to us by a friend of my parents ..as duck eggs to incubate..or at least that’s what we were told!….and lo and behold today we heard that familiar’ cheeping;’ coming from inside the incubator (slightly earlier than expected)  and peeked inside to find not a duckling in sight.. but two very dark and large chicks which we believe may be guinea fowl keets.  haha! Not quite what we were expecting!  Two eggs are still to hatch. so we shall await their appearance with bated breath! One egg is larger than the other so maybe we will get a duckling after all?  Who knows?

Below is a pic of the keets/chicks?  Not a duckling in sight!

ImageAnd here are a couple of them when they are almost dry.




5 comments on “When is a duckling not a duckling?

  1. sweet fuzzy babies-not matter what “make or model”.

  2. wessexgirl says:

    Oh wow, congratulations 😀 Are guinea fowl new to you? They are super 🙂

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