What’s for dinner Mum?

Today saw the first of our courgettes harvested..Yay!…along with more early peas, various salad leaves, chard, tree spinach, rocket, mizuna, red orach, various herbs and other edible goodies.. and as always we have eggs from our quail and hens and milk, cheese and yogurt etc from our wonderful dairy goats.  ….and maybe we’ll have butter soon too, if I can get my hands on a cheap or free cream separator!

So today’s dinner was this delight for the eyes and palate.  As you can see my daughter was quite happy with what I served up! . “What’s for dinner Mum?”  ..A rainbow.. xxx


Fresh laid eggs used in an omelette with courgette, peas, chives, onions and garlic ..all from the garden..a few dots of  home-made kefir cheese melted into it under the grill..Served with a medley of salad leaves: including tree spinach, red orach, nasturtium leaves, various frilly / oak leaf lettuces, both red and green varieties, mizuna, pea shoots, raw peas, borage flowers, chive flowers, chives, cos lettuce, rocket and shredded spring onions. .and a home-baked bread roll. … all washed down with home-made elderflower cordial.




Pretty and tastes great too!



11 comments on “What’s for dinner Mum?

  1. looks good enough to eat LOL.

  2. Nikki Wall says:

    We have a fairly colourful salad, as have a variety of salad leaves and herbs here, but we don’t have some of those things flowering (yet) and the thyme flowers that are out in the garden here atm, are rather hot on the tongue! We’re slowly overhauling the garden, but have been very lucky with how kind some people are with giving us various cuttings (which take longer than buying actual plants, admittedly, but we’re gardening on a budget, something I know you sympathise with).

    We were recently given some red orache, which is something I’ve not tried before, but I’m giving it a chance to establish itself (although it appears to be doing that well enough!) I’ve just got back from picking up some hostas from a lovely lady on Freecycle (I brought her some lovage and purple ruffles basil seedlings that I’ve got coming up now) and as I was leaving she asked if I’d like a japanese anemone too – so I came home with three carrier bags. People are so kind!

    We’ve also been given a coop which we will build tomorrow (as it’s set to brighten up a bit) and hopefully soon we will be adding some birds to the mix too – although we’re divided along the chickens and ducks line and I’m still no closer to trying to decide what to get.

    Then the next step will be trying to find some space somewhere nearby (walking distance) to expand on the growing front and maybe even my childhood dream of goats – but I don’t know how plausible this is (or even how to find out about the various rather overgrown bits of land around here).

    • Ma Larkin says:

      Oh wow! Lots happening then..I am so thrilled for you. Borage flowers are so pretty and they certainly liven up a salad.I have masses of them in the garden.The bees love them too.
      Re: the coop etc I’d plump for hens rather than ducks, if space is limited, as ducks can make a small area VERY messy in no time at all. Hens can too but it takes la bit onger and isn’t so wet. You can use them to help clear scrubby areas ready for cultivation… As for asking about the land.. ask neighbours and in local shops etc…eventually someone may know who owns the land and help you get in touch with the owner. I tend to ask at village stores and feed merchants etc too. I am just in the process or trying to secure more land.. as one lot I went for fell through and a local farmer got it before me lol. Good luck …oh and I am a great fan of Freecycle and similar schemes too. I tend to take eggs or home made fudge along with me as a thank you . People ARE kind xx

      • Nikki Wall says:

        Yes, I agree that people ARE kind. Freecycle has been fabulous over the years (I’ve listed as well as collected, I’m a strong believer in what goes around, etc. 😀 )

        We built the coop and run today (although I will be letting them out for a good run around the garden when I’m around as I struggle with the idea of keeping birds too cooped up).

        We have a post office and a garden centre, there aren’t any other shops (the post office sells some bits). There’s an allotment society that is trying to get land for allotments in the next village but the airport has blocked them so far. Apparently there are enough people in this village to approach re allotments, but I’ve not been able to contact them as yet. I’m hoping to attend the neighbouring allotment society’s AGM in a bid to make some local contacts, but only been here since Jan, so not really doing that badly bearing in mind we’ve been concentrating on overhauling the gardens here first 😀

        All in good time and I believe that things do happen in their own good time!

        I hope you are able to secure more land – it will happen when it’s meant to. x

  3. Anne Wilson says:

    No wonder your daughter looks so healthy with all that wonderful fresh food. How are the Moorhen chicks doing?

  4. Peter Clough says:

    I love those blue flowers, that’s like fairy tale food…

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