These energy companies don’t support fracking.

These energy companies don’t support fracking.

Sign up  to an energy supplier that does NOT support fracking!   Click and see the options..some have offers when you switch companies and you don’t need a meter reading or an account takes just 3 mins! 

You have the power to



The cupboard was bare…

Food for thought!

A Life Less Simple

I’m sure that to almost all reading this self-sufficiency and gardening are subjects close to your heart. It’s something I am always striving towards in any small way I can and am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

On Wednesday I found out that ‘the country’s cupboard was bare’ – if all of the harvest grown in Britain was stored and started to be eaten from January 1st we would have run out on Wednesday meaning the UK has to import over a third of the food we need, an increase on the amount of food that we had to import 1991 according to the NFU*

As the NFU has worked out these figures I don’t think it will include freshly picked, home grown, back garden food which shows that even so long after the the original ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign growing your own is still am important part…

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