The big let down. All packed with nowhere to go…..

Finally!…….I have been contacted by the owners of the tiny cottage that I was hoping to move into in a few weeks time.The owners initially contacted me via my online advert on 31st March. Unfortunately they have, at this late date, decided to withdraw the property from the rental market. After months of hoop jumping, including sending in several references, having an impromptu, uninvited visit from the father here one Saturday and a further planned visit from both parents on a Sunday, where I was questioned about my income, employment and transport options…and where I gave a tour of my current property and served tea,  with a smile! … it seems that they have only just decided to tell me that they are now unable to let the property due to the amount of work it needs doing to it. Nice timing!

In preparation to move I packed up the contents of a lifetime/lifestyle.. Emptied all the stables/ goat sheds/ poultry houses etc..and ran down my hay stores.. I didn’t get any of my kitchen garden sowed AT ALL this Spring……nothing!…  


So all this work has been done only to be left  in the lurch at the final hurdle…..More than anything I am disappointed at the absolute lack of consideration for my daughter and I…and the dreadful lack of communication and common courtesy they have showed us . I have sent several texts in the past two weeks trying to confirm dates etc….which have been totally ignored. 

This isn’t a game for us.. It is not a hobby or a fun is our life…We grow our food!…..We had livestock to move.. A kitchen garden to transfer  (fruit trees/ bushes and perennial vegetables) and a season of growing our food to catch up on…..

I had already given  preliminary notice in to the owners of my rented  grazing land  and was awaiting a final moving date to enable me to hand in my notice to my cottage landlord.. My daughter is much turmoil ……We are now living in a cottage full of boxes. So we are now looking for a home once again..

Please take the time to share the advert below.Thank you kindly in advance. 

Wanted: Rural cottage and land  East Lincolnshire UK.



8 comments on “The big let down. All packed with nowhere to go…..

  1. alison coleman says:

    So sorry to hear that your new home has not worked out, we will keep our fingers crossed for a new chance will come your way soon, but for now , we wish you the very best of luck in your search.:-(

  2. patricia says:

    So sorry to hear that naomi you got rid of so much to stuff so it would fit in that little cottage and was so excited because she did say it was yours to rent she had plan a for paddock and allso plan b . why did she do that.

  3. Anne Wilson says:

    Why are people so inconsiderate? I suppose the only consolation is knowing now what type of people they turned out to be you probably would not have been happy there. I do hope something turns up for you and your daughter soon.

  4. Jilly says:

    That’s terrible who is it and where stop this happening again I my self looking to rent x good look xx

  5. How terrible feel for you and your daughter if I hear of anything I will let you know.

  6. wessexgirl says:

    How awful – I’m so sorry😦 I will share your advert. Fingers crossed for you.

  7. alicia says:

    Praying that you find something soon XO

  8. Any news? I’ve been wondering how you were getting along.

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