A super duper busy morning, but I am back on top form

….no earache..no dizziness..no dodgy throat… I am fine n dandy.. Hurrah!.. Animals here were all fed and sorted extra early, as we had to be at our paddocks to open the gates for the tractor to bring the rest of my winter hay this morning… Still no tricycle as the pedal has yet to be fixed….. so we walked there in the drizzle and mud…… H spotted a heron fly over us as we walked up Dragonfly Path. It’s long neck tucked back neatly, its long spaghetti legs trailing behind…. It landed in the field next to ours but slightly too far away to see clearly…My specs are broken so I struggle to see anything in the distance without them !.. A chattering cluster of gossiping long-tailed tits fluttered from hedge to hedge, tree to tree, along the way …..and then disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared….. We arrived at the paddocks with time to spare, so we busied ourselves opening gates, dropping a row of electric fencing and tying back the gate on the big field shelter, to allow Tom to drive straight over and drop our bales as close to the opening as possible…..He dropped the bales in the gateway and a small amount of manual manoeuvring, swivelling and rolling, soon had the bales safely undercover. So we now have 3 huge round bales of hay and two of straw tucked away in the top field shelter, to keep the girls fed and warm through the upcoming colder months.. and I have the promise of another 20 small bales at a bargain price to be delivered next week. Result!… I am home, muddy….but feeling much happier now that I am prepared and stocked up for any bad weather that we may get in the next couple of months,…. I have just cooked brekky/ lunch for H and I, and am now sitting down with a hot cuppa by the fire, whilst H starts work on her computer and the dogs snooze by the stove…and it isn’t even midday yet! xx



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