Our homemade Polytunnel!

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Our Holistic Garden

One of our first big goals at the smallholding this year was to build our own polytunnel. This structure is useful for growing tender crops, starting to sow crops earlier(pre-cultivating), extending the growing season and to offer us warm shelter when the rainstorms come around!


Materials for construction


Soil cultivated before the building work starts on the measured area


Measurements made, holes ‘pinch-barred’, metal posts thumped in soil a metre for stability, plastic tubing measured, cut and fitted…We should have enough bought a 100m of it!


Wooden ‘footer’ boards screwed together and secured to the metal posts, wooden door frame being made in this picture


Poly-tunnel sheeting fitted, tightened and secured down with more wooden footer boards, this is a hard job for two people, next time we will recruit a few others to help. But we managed it!


Just getting finished with the sheeting, then its onto building 2…

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