Louth Festival of the Bees

Louth Festival of the Bees

Louth In Bloom group are holding The Louth Festival of the Bees in which Transition Town Louth is organising a day of workshops, displays and lectures on Thursday 23rd May 2013 at the British Legion Hall, 55 Northgate, Louth. LN11 0LY and a week of art exhibitions from the 17th to 23rd of May on a bee and wildflower related theme.


Jack of All Trades. Or should that be Jill of All Trades? What hat today?

It is a miserable day. Cold, wet, grey. I have an annoying cough. H (my daughter) is ill in bed with flu. Her father visited her yesterday and then promptly fell asleep on the sofa. It appears he has flu too. The dreaded man-flu kind. He doesn’t live here but it seemed a bit harsh to send him away. So I directed him to bed. I can’t have the tiny living room full of sniffling, feverish bodies. I need one room that I can work in and I have chosen the little living room as my space til everyone is better, as I will be the one tending the fire. I shall be the one in and out of the cottage, dealing with the dogs, cats, hens, goats, ponies etc and  I shall be the one using the laptop to list some online sales and answer emails.

So all poorly people are sleeping elsewhere, to rest and recover and it looks as though I shall have the sofa as my bed tonight.

They are both tucked up cosy and warm now, whilst I cough my way through the endless chores that you inevitably have when you are self-employed and keep livestock and when you have a log guzzling wood-stove to feed constantly. Even so, I wouldn’t want any other type of heating. I LOVE my fire. It is the heart of the home, a place to gather around, it is lovely to look at, it heats the entire cottage and all our water. It is welcoming. It is my friend. Modern central heating and radiators are just not the same.

I have opened bedroom windows (despite the cold weather)and supplied lots of extra blankets to beds and given hot water bottles to both patients. Fresh air is essential. They are both being dosed up with home-made hot elderberry cordial. I am getting mumbles of gratification between the coughs, shivers and the groans of aching limbs and heads. I’m hoping that I won’t get it as bad, as I simply cannot rest up all day.

At one time, years ago, I would have reached for a commercial flu remedy at times like this. How things change.

My medicine cabinet is actually in my kitchen nowadays, it is my herb and spice rack, my home-made cordials and herbal potions, my home-grown fruit and vegetables, wonderful, miracle honey and amongst it all is one bought item, that I put by for those persistent infections that require ‘antibiotics’, colloidal silver. I have only had to use that once in the last three years.

So today I have my nurse’s hat on. I also have my baker’s hat on as I have cookies and bread to make later. I need two heads…actually two sets of hands would be more useful!

Yesterday I was lopping off tree limbs and pushing wheelbarrows. I was digging out deep litter goat sheds and collecting kindling. I was moving wooden pallets and spreading compost. I was tending a bonfire and clipping hens wings. Today is different.

Tomorrow, all being well, I will be doing my usual feeding routine and more mucking out. I shall be trimming pony hooves and goat hooves and I shall be carrying hay and water out to the pony paddock. I shall be sawing firewood and coughing and cursing.

If H is better I shall be reading with her and helping her with her work/projects.

Hopefully the nurse’s hat will be needed less often and I can get my gardener’s/lumberjack’s/ farmer’s/teacher’s/businesswoman’s and cook’s hats back on.

I am a Jill of all trades..but master of none 🙂