Preparing for Winter..during a summer heatwave..oh yes!

Yes we are currently enjoying scorching temperatures here in the UK. ..and how lovely it is too!  But that doesn’t mean we can forget that Winter creeps up on us silently and before we know it we are wearing our woolly jumpers  and lugging firewood inside again.

So today I have been preparing for Autumn and Winter by harvesting garlic and onions to store for later in the year and by drying even MORE herbs to put by for the colder months.


Two types of mint and oregano go into the dehydrator today.

I shall be drying blackcurrants, peas, sliced onion, more nettle tops, clover flowers, elderberries, tomatoes, sage ..and lots more. Having just been gifted 30 large sweet jars from our local sweet shop, I now have plenty of dry storage space for them all.


Preparing my homegrown garlic for plaiting and storing

Garlic will be dried off in the sun and then plaited and hung up . I have strung some onions already.. They are hanging in the cottage lean-to. All the small loose ones will get used first or sliced and dehydrated,  to add to soups and stews in Winter. This year my onion harvest was poor compared to last year, so I may end up having to buy some in! I use a lot of onions.

Although I do still have perennial onions in the ground so all is not lost.


The cottage kitchen smells and oregano scent the rooms!

I shall be lifting some of the wild horseradish that grows on the riverbank here and making horseradish sauce too. I love the hot spiciness of horseradish. Surplus can be frozen, dehydrated or stored in boxes of dry sand over winter. Here are a few more ways to use and store this pungent root.


Wild horseradish

So still lots to do…and although I am enjoying the sunshine, my mind is always thinking about the leaner months ahead  x