What value?.. a life like this….

So…….Would more money in the bank improve my life ?

ImageWould ‘towing the line’ for years, in a job I don’t particularly enjoy, so that I can get capital behind me, enable me to enjoy life even more than I do right now?

ImageWhat value should I put on my family and nature and the earth and my relationship with them all right now?

ImageDo I need to measure my life now in time, monetary wealth, memories or experience? How does it all add up?  Does it have true value?

ImageWhilst my 45 yr old eyes can still see clearly I want to be able to look and REALLY see! I want to be able to learn and ‘do’. 

ImageI want to work here whilst I am fit and able to. Not wait for the ‘perfect’ time, when my bank is full but my energy levels are low or my health is failing. There will never be a more perfect time for me than now. Can years lost ever be regained? Does ownership guarantee happiness? Is it wrong to be content with so little?

ImageChildren are young for such a short space of time. We should nurture every second and make the time REALLY count. Make memories to last forever.

ImageDo you love what you do? Do you love the life you live now? If not, why not? What is stopping you from changing it? Be honest with yourself. 

ImageYes, of course money is important…..BUT so is actually LIVING!


Do all the things you love to the very best of your ability. Learn all you can. It will pay you back tenfold. 

That’s true wealth.


I have emeralds a plenty!…..Abundant vibrant greens surround me! 

ImageI have gold..in the glistening sun, reflected in the river’s softly rippled surface

Imageand raindrops leave diamonds all over my garden…..

ImageIt isn’t a bad life. I don’t feel poor. In fact it is pretty darn ‘perfick’!  

It is priceless!!


Just look through my GALLERY . That’s all the capital I need xxx


My Pinterest dream home inspiration

My Pinterest dream home inspiration

Inspiration and ideas

First post. Hello!

Beautiful Sky x

Beautiful Sky x

Well it is Feb 6th 2013 and I have FINALLY decided to get a blog up and running. You shall have to bear with me as I stumble my way through blog-land (making many mistakes on the way no doubt) as I try to share snippets of our life here at Riverside. Yes there will be tales of compost and custard, cultivating and cooking.

….and lots of photos too!

Here at Riverside, we ( my daughter and I) try very hard to live a simple life, growing lots of our own food. We share our lives with an ever growing menagerie and have regular visits from our wonderful extended family. My lovely parents and my Uncle Ray feature highly. We have two beautiful goats for milk, bees for honey, hens, quail and geese for eggs, an imprinted duck (don’t ask!) … as well as cats and dogs and ponies and any other animal that chooses to find a home here.

More about all the animals later… They deserve a blog of their own really!

Thank you for popping by x